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Material Information
The Board of Directors approved to change the date and place of 2021 Annual Shareholders' Meeting in accordance with the instructions announced by FSC
1.Date of the board of directors' resolution: 2021/07/01
2.Shareholders meeting date: 2021/07/23
3.Shareholders meeting time: 10 A.M.
4.Shareholders meeting location: 14F, No.1049, Jianxing Rd., West Dist.,
                                Taichung City (The Splendor Hotel Taichung)
5.Cause for convening the meeting, please refer to
material information published on: 2021/03/10
6.Method of convening shareholders meeting
(in person / in person or attendance by videoconferencing ): In person
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:
(1)The shareholders who have the right to attend the shareholders' meeting
are the persons already on the list of the minutes of shareholders'
meeting before the book closure ending date on June 29, 2021.
(2)If the shareholders who want to get the souvenir before the end of
shareholders' meeting, please going to the place of holding shareholders'
meeting to get souvenir on July 23, 2021.
(3)The original schedule for the shareholders who vote with electronic way
 can get souvenir will be postponed until the epidemic COVID-19 slows down.
 The actual date of sending souvenir will be announced until further notice.
 (Address Changing: 1F., No.2, Sec.1, Chongqing South Rd., Taipei City)