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Board of Directors
Title Name Education & Past Positions
Chairman Cheng-Hui Chen
  1. EMBA, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
  2. Representative& Director, Wowprime (China) Co., Ltd.
  3. Representative& Director, Wowprime (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd.
  4. Director, 12 Sabu (Shanghai) Food &Beverage Management Co., Ltd
  5. Chairman, WPT Corporation
Director Sen-Pin Lee
  1. Master of Business, National Chung Hsing University
  2. Director& CEO, Wowprime (China) Co., Ltd.
  3. Director& CEO, Wowprime (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd
Director Hong-Han Zhou
  1. Bachelor, Department of Land Resources, Chinese Culture University
  2. Director, Wowprime (China) Co., Ltd.
Director Guo-Yao Su
  1. Bachelor ,Hospitality Management California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  2. Professional Specialist, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Member of Consumers’ Foundation
  4. Director, The Grand Hotel
Independent Director Cheng Chi
  1. California Polytechnic State University
  2. Chairman, Hope Foundation
  3. Chairman, Shuang Hsi Cultural and educational foundation
  4. Director, Foundation for the Blind
  5. Director, Social Enterprise Commitment Foundation
  6. Vice Director, TTOYWA
  7. National Consultant
  8. Member, Sports Administration, Ministry of Education
  9. Director, Tetragon Co Ltd.
Independent Director Wen-Chin Wu (Nien-Jen Wu)
  1. Bachelor, Department of Accounting, Fu Jen Catholic University
  2. Chairman, Wu's Production Co.
  3. Director, Shui-Mu International Co., Ltd.
Independent Director Yi-Chia Chiu
  1. Ph.D. of National Chiao Tung University Institute of Management of Technology
  2. Professor, NCCU Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management
  3. CEO, National Chengchi University Executive Master of Business Administration