Wangpin Group is deeply involved in the catering service industry in Taiwan. For the next 25 years, Wangpin Group will continue to create social prosperity. As a leading restaurant chain in Taiwan, Wangpin Group cherishes Taiwan, cares about the land that nurtures the group's growth, and is more concerned about the issue of land sustainability.


In addition to opening the first CSR brand Taiwanese restaurant "Fenghe" in 2019, it transforms vegetables and fruits with exquisite cooking skills, promotes that ingredients are not wasted, and continues to develop Introducing extra-quality dishes to reduce the waste of ingredients, flipping the new value of food, allowing the land to develop sustainably, and looking forward to a more beautiful Taiwan.


Taiwan is also the "Kingdom of Food" in the world. There are a group of people working hard on this land, hoping to use food to let the world know about Taiwan, and food safety is this force that will last forever. Falling foundation. Wangpin Group recognizes that food safety is the foundation of "hospiting the most important person in the heart". In 2014, Wangpin Group independent "Food Safety Department" into a single department, which has "Food Safety Research Center" and "Food Processing Factory". ”, to improve the food safety control system of Wangpin Group. It has been conscientious for 7 years and has passed the “ISO17025 Laboratory Management System Certification”, “ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification” and “HACCP Certification”. It is also the only laboratory in Taiwan that has obtained ISO17025 at the same time. Catering company with ISO22000 certified/verified processing plant.


After obtaining independent third-party certification/verification and meeting internationally recognized management system standards, Wangpin Group hopes to pass this double certification to demonstrate its role in food safety and consumer protection. Hard power also symbolizes that Wangpin Group has formed a strict food safety protection net. In the future, we will continue to improve, so that the catering and food industry will have a safe and good taste, and bring customers a safe and satisfying dining experience.


At the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in Taiwan in 2020, Wangpin Group was established by 13 first-level managers at the first time with the sensitivity of "catering leader" for 27 years. The Epidemic Prevention Team promotes the "Safety Project" to stabilize consumer confidence. Through the "highest standard" epidemic prevention measures such as wearing a "today's thermometer", placing a "disinfected complete" sign after cleaning, and colleagues disinfecting every 60 minutes, consumers can "see it and feel more at ease". In order to make more people feel "feeling", Wangpin Group filmed "Wangpin's heart, you are most at ease" epidemic prevention video, which fully presents the day of the store colleagues' epidemic prevention, and also hit a high point of reading on the social platform. Millions of exposures have also set off a wave of imitation in the catering industry.


Wangpin Group takes "customer satisfaction" as its development strategy. As early as before the epidemic, Wangpin was planning to attack the take-out and delivery market, in response to the epidemic that caused consumption In order to reduce the frequency of dining out, Wang Pin also accelerated the promotion of various plans. First, it launched a 15% discount on take-out and free service charges; and then combined with the well-known delivery platform partner Uber Eats, adhering to Meal diversification Packaging and eating with peace of mind Three insistences on delicious delivery to home, Wangpin follows the core concept of R&D, testing and operation process design of food delivery: "Let consumers enjoy peace of mind at home and in the office. A restaurant-like dining experience!" Continuing to provide consumers with a safe and secure dining environment, it can also provide consumers with a more comprehensive, diverse and thoughtful dining feast, allowing consumers to easily prevent and avoid "cooking" themselves.


The concept of sustainable operation is also implemented in our investment in social welfare. We hope to exert social influence and give warmth to those in need. In addition, we held the 3rd Entrepreneurship Competition and expanded the opening to the outside world. This is the first venture capital plan in Taiwan focusing on the catering sector. Starting from the catering industry, it actively demonstrates that the company undertakes social responsibility, exerts a positive key influence on society and the environment, and creates a common prosperity and good for Taiwan society.


"Innovation" is also the cornerstone of sustainability. In 2020, in addition to the continuous multi-brand strategy, Wangpin Group will strive to explore the possibility of the second growth curve. In the frozen and room temperature food market, seven products including "Three Maruko brothers" and "Four Sisters in the pot bottom" were launched on the shelves of Quanlian, Carrefour and other chain supermarkets; the frozen Chinese New Year vegetables were sold into six channels including Uni-Chao, FamilyMart, and e-commerce platforms; Erfu jointly promotes two fresh food products, both of which will help the group continue to grow and thrive. We have also embarked on the road of digital transformation and launched the new "Wang Pin Crazy Food" APP to meet the four needs of consumers to find food, online reservations, convenient payment, and enjoy discounts, driving the rapid growth of the number of members, hitting a record of over 100 in nine months 10,000 member records.


In the process of compiling "Wangpin Group 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report", we reviewed 4 permanent issues including economy, environment, society, food safety and consumer communication. The measures for sustainable operation focus on five key goals, including sustainable governance, safe food, friendly environment, happy workplace, and social operation. This is also the 7th corporate social responsibility report issued by the company since 2015. Thanks to the encouragement and guidance from all walks of life in the past 7 years, it has become the driving force for our continuous growth.



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