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Number of Restaurants As of 2017/3/31
WangsteakNumber of Restaurants: 13
Opening Time: 1993Cuisine type: Western style cuisine
TastyNumber of Restaurants: 41
Opening Time: 2001Cuisine type: Western style cuisine
TokyiaNumber of Restaurants: 32
Opening Time: 2002Cuisine type: Japanese Cuisine
YakiyanNumber of Restaurants: 20
Opening Time: 2004Cuisine type: BBQ
GiguoNumber of Restaurants: 26
Opening Time: 2004Cuisine type: Hokkaido kelp pot
ikkiNumber of Restaurants: 13
Opening Time: 2005Cuisine type: New style Japanese Cuisine
ChamonixNumber of Restaurants: 13
Opening Time: 2005Cuisine type: French Teppanyaki
PinnadaNumber of Restaurants: 23
Opening Time: 2007Cuisine type: Japanese chops、curry
12hotpotNumber of Restaurants: 49
Opening Time: 2009Cuisine type: Sabu pot, Stone pot
SufoodNumber of Restaurants: 7
Opening Time: 2010Cuisine type: Vegetarian food
hot 7Number of Restaurants: 14
Opening Time: 2013Cuisine type: Teppanyaki
itaNumber of Restaurants: 3
Opening Time: 2014Cuisine type: Italian food
PUTIENNumber of Restaurants: 2
Opening Time: 2015Cuisine type: Singapore food
CookBEEFNumber of Restaurants: 1
Opening Time: 2017Cuisine type: Steak Rice Bowl